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ontd_con's Journal

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Conservative discussion of politics from ONTD
Welcome to ONTD_CON!

We are the more conservative offspring of the infamous ontd_political. All are welcome but posts will have a conservative point of view.

The Basics:

1. Do not post off topic (only politics please!).
2. Do not participate in ad hominem attacks. If someone has a different political opinion try to discuss it with them.
3. It's ok to post just a news article but try to add your own thoughts or comments.
4. Do not disable, screen, freeze or delete any comments. You are allowed to delete your comments or posts only.

We all have point of views but let's keep it civil. This community is mainly to serve the more conservative points of view but liberals are welcome to voice their opinions as long as they follow our community rules.

General Info:

This is an open forum for respectful discussion and debate of conservative politics that is an off-shoot of ONTD. Anyone is free to participate. The topic of this community is "conservatism". That means that as a general guideline, you should limit postings to things you believe would be of interest to conservatives or something that conservatives would want to discuss. Appropriate postings include, but are not limited to the following:

- News of a political nature
- Personal opinions and rants
- Links to political articles
- Conservative humor
- Honest inquiry as to the opinions of members

Feel free to voice your opinion!

I am looking for another mod so anyone who is interested please send me (chemchick) a PM.

Otherwise - have fun and enjoy yourself!